Kashmiri Pandits' Association

Kashmiri Pandits' Association, Mumbai is a non-profit, community association dedicated to enriching lives of people, especially the Kashmiri community. The main objective of KPA is preservation and promotion of Kashmiri culture and social values.

KPA over the years has enriched the society through awareness programmes, educational initiatives, rehabilitation of destitute and ethnically displaced families, providing medical help and encouraging the younger generations to conserve Kashmiri heritage.

KPA Update
Special Projects

Sharda Sadan is a cultural and social center on a acquired land of 600 sq mts and is under construction at Kharghar Navi Mumbai. This center when completed shall comprise of

multipurpose community hall, charitable dispensary, diagnostic center, rooms for old age, cultural library and reading room.

Project ZAAN, jointly undertaken by Lalla-Ded Educational and Welfare Trust and Kashmiri Pandits' Association Mumbai, was conceived in the year 1998 and

put into implementation in the year 1999 after being ratified by the governing bodies of the two trusts.

Learn More About KPA culture & places
Hari Prabhat

Hari Parbat (SHARIKA PEETH) is situated at the periphery of Srinagar city,


In the ancient times a child was initiated into the pursuit of secular knowledge

Kheer Bhawani

Kheer Bhawani is a temple dedicated to the Goddess Kheer Bhawani

Martand Temple

Martand Sun Temple was dedicated to Surya (Sun) god and is now in ruins.

Kashmiri Bhatani

The 'phiran' used by Kashmiri Pandit ladies was really a peculiar one with the red

Shankacharya temple

A beautiful Shiva temple situated on a picturesque location on the Gopadari

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